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Vintage Costume Jewelry Signed Weiss

After working at Coro, Albert Weiss founded Weiss Jewelry in 1942. He designed the pieces and then his factory produced the Weiss vintage costume jewelry. The company operated for about 30 years.

Weiss was an exceptionally talented designer who also had an eye for classic designs and appealing color schemes, and his Weiss vintage costume jewelry pieces have withstood the test of time. Many experts give Albert Weiss credit for setting trends in the costume jewelry industry during the years he was designing jewelry.

Most Weiss jewelry used very good materials, such as Austrian rhinestones, and it was made very well, and has thus held up well over time.

Collectors are often in awe of the detail exhibited by many Weiss pieces, such as tiny stones on the petals of flower pins, or completely surrounding larger stones on elaborate necklaces. Many collectors are especially enamored with the smooth metal, reflective backs of Weiss jewelry. The jewelry is so beautiful, even the back looks great!

Weiss Jewelry manufactured pieces in many distinct styles. A few of these are considered “signature” and are perhaps most collectable:

-          The Weiss Christmas tree pins.

-          Smoky quartz rhinestone pieces were marketed as having the “Black Diamond Look” and are still highly elegant by today’s standards. These pieces also often featured tiny clear rhinestones, or “pavé icing”.


Weiss signatures over the years included “WEISS” (all capital letters), “A W Co” with a crown over the W; “Albert Weiss” in script, “Weiss” in script, “Weissco” or “WEISS” with a copyright symbol.

The Weiss jewelry signed with “A W Co” and the crown is very collectible.


Preston Reuther is a "Master Wire Sculptor" and Cameo Appraiser and has been collecting and selling Vintage Jewelry for over 30 years. He is a jewelry instructor and has produced over 100 jewelry making videos and owns two vintage jewelry stores WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM and WWW.ANTIQUECAMEOS.COM You may reach him at either store.


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