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Vintage Jewelry - B. David by Preston Reuther


B. David Jewelry was made from 1943 until 1993 in Cincinnati, Ohio, quite far from the plethora of other American costume jewelers who were typically located in or near New York City.

The vintage jewelry we know as B. David Jewelry also was set apart from the crowd by its style. B. David vintage jewelry pieces tended to be small (in scale) and elegant as opposed to some of the larger and flashier vintage jewelry makers’ pieces. B. David jewelry can be described as delicate, often demonstrating eye-catching combinations of different-sized, rhinestones, such as round and teardrop shapes in the same piece. Typical B. David pieces also exhibit attractive pastel colors.

Perhaps the most highly sought B. David pieces are the many crown motif pins made by the company, which were very popular when the company was making them. In particular, B. David made a Mother’s Crown, individualized crowns that displayed the birthstones of the wearer’s children.

B. David vintage jewelry pieces may be signed “B.David” in an oval, “bd” printed diagonally, or “b.David” in a divided square. Earrings may have an etched swirling design in place of a signature or mark on the clip back.

B. David was a small company and did not produce large numbers of its pieces. But, the company was in business for about 50 years, so, still, it is not too hard to find B. David jewelry.

Of particular interest to collectors are the B. David costume jewelry sets: of a necklace and earrings or a pin and earrings.


Preston Reuther is a jewelry designer and has been collecting and selling Vintage Jewelry and Antique Cameo Jewelry for over 20 years. He has produced oveer 50 jewelry making videos, written several e books and published over 1000 jewelry making articles on jewelry design. See his entire collection of vintage and antique jewelry  here: WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM Or you may call him at 816-689-2779

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