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Vintage Costume Jewelry Signed by Mazer


The Mazer family immigrated from Russia and in 1923, brothers Joseph and Lincoln Mazer founded Mazer Bros. in New York. Master designers created early Mazer jewelry, starting in about 1927.

One of these master designers, Marcel Boucher, got his start at Mazer, and he eventually left to produce his own line of costume jewelry.

In 1946, the Mazer brothers decided to split the business. Joseph started the Joseph Mazer Company, producing jewelry signed “Joseph Mazer” or “Jomaz” until the early 1980s. Lincoln Mazer’s company made jewelry signed “Mazer Bros.” until about 1951.

Joseph Mazer or Jomaz pieces often exhibit impeccable metalwork and brilliant stones. It was regarded as being of very high quality when it was made, but sold for reasonable prices. Customers also appreciated the innovative designs and styles, and collectors like them, too.

Mazer signatures include “Mazer Bros” all in capitalized letters; “Jomaz,” Mazer,” “Joseph Mazer” or “Mazer Sterling” in all caps. Some pieces were signed by a designer, too, for example “Adolfo for Mazer”.


Preston Reuther is a "Master Wire Sculptor" and Cameo Appraiser and has been collecting and selling Vintage Jewelry for over 30 years. He is a jewelry instructor and has produced over 100 jewelry making videos and owns two vintage jewelry stores WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM and WWW.ANTIQUECAMEOS.COM You may reach him at either store.

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