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Vintage Jewelry Signed Garne by Preston Reuther

Garné costume jewelry is not widely collected.

Vintage Garné jewelry was first produced in 1945, and jewelry was made by Garné until the late 1960s. The company was based in New York City and the jewelry made by Garné is considered average-quality, though some pieces definitely imitate the finer Weiss or Eisenberg lines of vintage costume jewelry.

Garné  was a small company and the jewelry was apparently made in limited supplies and not widely distributed. Garné made necklaces, pins, bracelets, earrings and also watch fobs and chatelaines.

Some vintage Garne sets were made, and collectors have found that only one piece may be signed in a set. Original display cards might say “Garné  JEWELRY HAND CRAFTED.”


 Preston Reuther is a jewelry designer and has been collecting and selling Vintage Jewelry and Antique Cameos for over 20 years. He has produced over 50 jewelry making videos on designer jewelry, written several e books, and published over 1000 articles on jewelry design. See his entire Vintage Jewelry and Cameo Jewelry collection at: WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM and You may reach him in his St. Joe Missouri Studio at: 1-816-689-2779

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