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Vintage Jewelry Signed by Eugene

Eugene Schultz once worked for Miriam Haskell, but had his own business, Eugene Jewelry Co., and designed his own line of costume jewelry for about 10 years, beginning in 1962.

Eugene vintage jewelry pieces often had very unusual clasps, and often these clasps were so decorative that their visual appeal was an important part of the overall design. Eugene pieces were also handmade and they looked similar to handmade Miriam Haskell pieces. Eugene costume jewelry is also noteworthy for its unusual and intricate designs.

Lots of the Eugene costume jewelry pieces were unmarked, the necklaces especially. The earrings and bracelets that were marked were signed “Eugene” and sometimes “Eugene” was in script.

Collectors have noted that it is sometimes difficult to identify Eugene pieces that aren’t signed, especially because some Eugene vintage jewelry are so similar to Miriam Haskell’s jewelry. Also, pieces with the unusual, fancy clasps can be difficult to find in good condition, especially the fragile clasps that were decorated with tiny pearls.

Still, signed Eugene costume jewelry pieces that are in good condition are worth adding to any collection and may even be an excellent investment because the pieces are relatively rare – since they were produced by hand for only about ten years.

Eugene costume jewelry sets are an especially tremendous find, but as with all vintage costume jewelry sets, collectors should check all the pieces carefully to make sure they math.


 Preston Reuther is a "Master Wire Sculptor" and has been collecting and selling Vintage Jewelry and Antique Cameos for over 30 years. He is a jewelry instructor and has produced over 50 jewelry making videos, published several e books and published over 1000 jewelry making articles. See his entire collection at: WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM or You may reach him at his studio in St. Joe Missouri call 1-816-689-2779





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