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Vintage Jewelry Signed by Claudette

Claudette jewelry was made by the Premier Jewelry Co., a company based in New York City.

Not much is known about the company, except that it was probably only in existence from 1945 until the mid-1950s, so finding costume jewelry marked Claudette is fairly difficult.

Most typically on the collector’s market are Claudette costume jewelry pieces that were made with thermoset plastic in sets of two or three pieces.

Vintage costume jewelry pieces by Claudette tended to be well made, and the pieces that featured rhinestones were made with high-quality stones. These rhinestone pieces seem to be harder to find and are not on the costume jewelry market as frequently as the Claudette thermoset plastic sets.

Claudette vintage jewelry was signed “Claudette” or “C. Claudette.” Many collectors believe that signed Claudette sets will continue to increase in value for some time, especially if they are in excellent condition.


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