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Vintage Jewelry Signed by Ciner

Ciner Manufacturing Company of New York City is a wonderful example of a company that started out making expensive fine jewelry (in 1892), but then began designing and producing costume jewelry, in 1931.

The company capitalized on the emergence of department stores, like Macy’s, in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and also the many gift shops that opened throughout much of the United States at that time, making the simulated jewelry available to the middle class customers who frequented those stores. 

Emanuel Ciner (prounced See-ner) founded the company, and the initial fine jewelry was made with very expensive materials – the best golds and genuine gemstones. When the company switched to producing costume jewelry, designers still held to high standards by using gold metal plating and Swarovski crystal rhinestones, and also had imitation pearls produced for the company in Japan (faux pearls were made using a glaze on glass bead).

All of their jewelry is exceptional, with clear, bright stones and it commands high prices among collectors today.

Some collectors maintain that Ciner didn’t begin signing its jewelry until after World War II. Ciner jewelry may be signed “Ciner” with the copyright symbol, and, also, “Ciner” on its own. Some pieces were signed “Ciner Sterling” or with a “MC” inside a rectangle.

Ciner jewelry typically has smaller stones, oftentimes in many colors, and the stones are set one by one in gold-colored metal. The faux pearls look very real. Many designs incorporated very small turquoise beads. Sometimes, enamels and rhinestones were used together in pieces, with a stunning effect (black enamel and “diamond” rhinestones, for example.)

Ciner vintage costume jewelry was very made and has held up well, and it was made in such an array of styles that many people like to collect it. The older designs are most desirable to collectors, especially those with pearl or turquoise beads.

Ciner is still in business, and in the past several years has produced some fine jewelry again, using semi-precious stones. Ciner vintage costume jewelry, however, remains in high demand among collectors, who love the brilliant stones and bold designs.
Preston Reuther is a jewelry designer and has been collecting, showing and selling Vintage Cameos and Antique Cameos for over 20 years. He has produced over 50 jewelry making videos, several e books and over1000 jewelry articles on designer jewelry. SEE HIS ENTIRE JEWELRY COLLECTION AT:  WWW.CAMEOJEWELRY.COM. Contact him at: 1 816-689-2779.

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