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If you are in need of a "quickie" appraisal of your antique cameo you can order it right here on line. Just order your on line cameo appraisal, then send us an email with your antique cameo, vintage cameo or modern cameo listed. A photo (both front and back of your cameo), if possible, will really help. Include any marks on the back, side or bottom of the metal cameo setting, note if its a gold or silver cameo frame or unknown and a good description. Please include "What the appraisal is for": Insurance replacement, lost or stolen report, just interested in cameo history or what? Even the jewelry box it came in can help and any history of your cameo jewelry will help us in our investigation and evaluation.
To Preston Reuther:
Oh my goodness!
Thank you Mr. Reuther, I appreciate your fine appraisel. It is so interesting to learn about my cameo's history and value and also the fact that it was reset years ago.  I'll share this with my Mother and she will be so pleased. My two grown dsughters show no interest in the cameo and my son has yet to find the perfect Mrs. Stein so don't know who would get it or would or should be passed on to down the road. Just can't thank you enough for opening my eyes to my cameo's past!
Thanks again
Jean Stern
NOTE: We only appraise antique, vintage or modern cameo jewelry in shell, lava, stone, plastic, or any other material. It could be cameo earrings, a cameo brooch, a cameo bracelet or old cameo pin. We do not appraise anything else but cameos.

A simple non formal e mail appraisal will be sent to you via e mail from International Design Group, LLC ( It usually takes less then 72 hours to receive your  appraisal via E-Mail once we receive your payment of $39.95. You may order on line at the shopping cart above.

Thank you
Preston Reuther
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